The following philanthropic priorities and public causes are proudly supported by J. Kyle Bass and Hayman Capital Management, LP:

Our Troops

Supporting, operating and developing a synergistic group of wellness, quality of life and event-based initiatives in support of today’s combat-wounded military personnel. J. Kyle Bass serves on the board of the Troops First Foundation. The organization works to provide meaningful assistance to our military who have been wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through several relevant and unduplicated programs along with specialized events designed for combat-wounded service members and their families, Troops First addresses relationship building, mentoring and reintegration.


Advocating for educational development by collaborating with academic institutions to provide students with a spectrum of knowledge, skills and resources.  J. Kyle Bass serves on the Board for the University of Texas Investment Management Company, the largest public university endowment in the United States. In addition, he serves the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Advisory Group for the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, a research center that advances the study and practice of asset management.

J. Kyle Bass has been featured as a guest speaker at several universities, including:

⋅   Harvard Business School

⋅   Columbia University

⋅   University of Chicago Booth School of Business

⋅   University of Texas

⋅   University of Virginia Darden School of Business

⋅   Texas Christian University


Raising awareness to underscore the importance of drug availability and affordability in the United States. In 2015, J. Kyle Bass formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs LLC in order to challenge questionable pharmaceutical patents. Eliminating improperly granted pharmaceutical patents promotes competition and innovation, which ultimately benefits consumers, taxpayers and American suffering from illness.